giuseppe tallarico agronomist

Regenerative Agronomist from Italy

Every property is a microcosm of the broader environment in terms of the challenges and potential it presents.

I bring to every project a strategic design perspective and a suite of tools for land regeneration.

I work with farmers and landowners to customize a plan to create a beautiful, thriving and productive landscape in line with each client’s business and ecological aspirations.

I also help families, companies and organizations to evaluate investment opportunities, to prepare for new regulations and meet sustainability goals.

"Giuseppe Tallarico: my colleague and friend.
It’s not so often that we ‘just click’ with a working colleague, and when it does, it’s pure gold. That’s been the case with my association with Giuseppe, who invited me to collaborate with him (and several others) on a challenging project which he had created in response to a proposal from the Jordanian government, to design two Permaculture demonstration projects in the harsh conditions of the Dead Sea Valley, some 400 metres below sea level. Specifically, the sites were to be focused on providing shining examples for marginal farmers to increase their productivity while nurturing the land into sustainable polycultures able to meet the likelihood of increasing negative impacts of climate change.
Such a project represented not only the necessity of facing some of the hardest environmental conditions (minimal rainfall, extremely high temperatures, soil poverty resulting from those factors), but also of negotiating with very refined diplomatic sensitivity the complexity of cultural and bureaucratic differences of an unfamiliar context. Only a person with a highly developed character and genial personality could hope to succeed. All this in addition to the need to knit together a new team of personnel, each skilled from their own extensive experience, but also very individual in that experience and personal development.
In spite of such circumstances, Giuseppe not only succeeded heroically, but in the process nurtured such intimacy between all the parties that friendships developed to ensure professional success, but happily to guarantee ongoing relationships and no doubt growing capacity to implement many fresh projects into the future.
I feel gratefully honored to be part of that team, and to know that I have such a friend with whom I can always depend to be able to express myself in whatever circumstances (personally and vocationally), to share in his extensive professional experience and knowledge, to absolutely trust in the integrity of his word and ability. That is a treasure."

John Button, Permaculture Pioneer


The world is changing too fast for a traditional business plan.

We live in an era of diminished ecosystem function marked by increasing land degradation and climate irregularities.

Farms, business enterprises, communities and ecosystems are interdependent, and the health of one reflects on the others.

Companies, farmers and landowners that create resilience from the ground up – through bolstering ecological function based on nature’s patterns – will benefit from enhanced productivity and reduced risk.

We can no longer separate business and ecology; whether directly or indirectly, all businesses depend on ecosystem health.

While climate change and other environmental challenges mean we are all operating amidst uncertainty, there are several things that we do know:

  • that biodiversity supports a range of industries, from farming to tourism to healthcare
  • that businesses and communities depend on thriving ecosystems, and suffer the consequences when these are undermined
  • although no one is immune to natural disasters, strengthening the ecological underpinning of your land and resource base can greatly minimize losses

In this less-than-stable environment, it is important to consider the cost of not bolstering ecological resilience to ensure sustained vitality.

However, the advantages of applying MY APPROACH to your property go beyond averting catastrophe.

The benefits are many, and include increased productivity, more harmonious and aesthetic work environment, avoiding the need to install costly infrastructure, streamlined certification and regulatory compliance.

This is where I come in.

John D. Liu, Giuseppe Tallarico testimonial

"Human civilization faces biodiversity loss, artificially elevated climate changes, population pressures, migration and the threat of war. We are required to take effective and immediate action. To lead at a time of great need is a duty that requires foresight, knowledge, dedication, courage, compassion and good humor. Giuseppe Tallarico has understood and answered the call to serve. Giuseppe brings a love of home and family, together with an understanding of global responsibility, to the task of facilitating a global regenerative movement."

John D. Liu, film-maker and ecologist, founder of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Movement

About Me

giuseppe tallarico agronomist

I am an agronomist with extensive experience in the business sector, where I have managed food system certification programs and established quality management systems for large agricultural operations and food-processing industries.

While working in industry offered the chance to master international protocols and build technical and management skills, I grew increasingly aware of the gaps in the current model and the need for more holistic strategies.

A course in Biodynamic Agriculture in 2008 proved a window into the whole system: what I intuitively felt was missing.

I was so inspired that I left my corporate position, returned to my home city and, with no funds but lots of worms, rebuilt the urban farm that my grandfather had created decades before, now called the Urban Permaculture Laboratory.

The Urban Permaculture Laboratory, is a continual source of insights and inspiration, and a base for community engagement.

It is also home to my training courses, as together with my students we explore strategies to restore degraded landscapes.

According to the FAO-United Nations, it’s a national case study to train people in agroecology trough Permaculture, as presented at the “2nd International Symposium on Agroecology: increasing agroecology to achieve sustainable development goals”.

Beyond the Urban Permaculture Laboratory, I am:

  • the Founder and General Manager of the World Permaculture Association
  • winner of the international tender of the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation for the design of two permacultural research sites in Jordan
  • director of the agriculture training and consultancy Rigenera
  • founding partner of the Alleanza real estate company
  • a Permaculture teacher accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
  • assessor of the EFQM Model for Excellence.

I managed:

  • the Quality and Environment System of the Callipo Group of Vibo Valentia (Italy)
  • the Quality, Environment and Privacy System of the company Flora of Pisa (Italy)
  • the Quality System and the GlobalGAP standard for Bioagricert, Organic Certification Body based in Bologna (Italy).

I coordinated the project “Flora Aromatica Santa Luce” in Pisa (Italy), related to the creation of a regenerative supply chain trough the cultivation of medicinal plants with biodynamic agriculture methods.

I participated in scientific research projects on sustainable fertilisation techniques at the Institute of Plant Nutrition of Hohenheim in Stuttgart  (Germany), the Cooperative Intesa of Faenza (Italy) and the Faculty of Agriculture of Bologna (Italy).

On the occasion of the VI World Congress of Agronomists (Expo 2015, Milan, Italy), I contributed as rapporteur at the session “Planning of culture and social responsibility”, during the working tables “Professional ethics and social responsibility: an international code” and “The role of the agronomist “, held at the Holy See pavilion.

I also teach a range of classes and trainings, from elementary school to workshops on regenerative systems.

I am part of an active global Permaculture network and serve clients throughout the world.

Alfonso Chico de Guzman, Giuseppe Tallarico testimonial

"Giuseppe is a very practical and realistic professional that has solutions not only for ecological farm design but also for organisational structures. With solutions that are cost effective and his feet are always down to earth, something that is not easy to find in "experts" on permaculture, or regenerative and organic farming that tend to advise on too idealistic approaches almost impossible to implement in a professional world."

Alfonso Chico de Guzman, Large-scale Farmer, Vice President of Asociación Alvelal & Business Development Assistant at Commonland


I specialize in regenerative businesses and draw on multiple approaches to land management and decision-making, including:

  • Permaculture
  • Biodynamic Agriculture
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Agroforestry
  • Keyline Design
  • Holistic Grazing
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Food Safety
  • Certification Systems
  • Community and Urban Planning

This integrated model provides immediate and enduring benefits in reviving ecological health, vitality and productivity—restoring living landscapes to their highest potential.

I believe that our landscapes and cityscapes are ripe for restoration.

I have consistently found success through regenerating water cycles, building organic matter in the soil, spurring the return of biodiversity in all forms, and engaging in a process of co-creation with motivated partners.

Pursuing this will bring social, environmental and financial benefits that, given appropriate capital flow, can extend to entire bioregions.

I am based in Catanzaro in Southern Italy, where I hold many of my training courses and engage in community-based teaching.

With its green groves and parks, historic architecture and setting near the sea, it is also where I derive much inspiration.

I am most experienced in arid and Mediterranean climate, which accounts for many areas around the globe.

The tools, insights and strategies I work with, however, will benefit any landscape in restoring degraded soil, enhancing the water cycle and reviving biodiversity: the cornerstones of regenerative agriculture.

My goal is to work with food producers and other businesses, organizations and communities to achieve self-reliance, flexibility, fair exchange, mutual trust, financial returns and high-quality products through allying with nature’s bounty. 

Rhamis Kent, Giuseppe Tallarico testimonial

"I first met Giuseppe when he enrolled in a Permaculture Design Course I taught in Altamura (Puglia) during 2015.  He immediately made an impression and his enthusiasm for the topics covered was unmistakable.  I was pretty confident that he would do something to make an impact - and he hasn't disappointed in that regard."

Rhamis Kent, Co-Director of The Permaculture Research Institute (Australia & USA), Consultant


I work with you to consciously design your farm or company to regenerate the whole living system, creating the conditions for its highest potential.
We start by defining goals, assessing the landscape from multiple perspectives: ecological, agronomic, organizational and economic.

Based on these results we devise an action plan that incorporates quality and environmental management systems.

The next step entails training your team in the appropriate practices to restore water cycles, increase organic matter and return biodiversity in all forms.

I continue to supervise through the implementation process, and help you to assess and refine the approach to your specifications.

My strategy combines proven methods of regenerative land management with personal growth and wellbeing.

We work and live in close relation to our landscapes; land represents safety, independence and affiliation, meaning, responsibility, and opportunities to achieve mastery and self-actualization.

My integrative system is geared to help you generate abundance to reinvest in your land and community while meeting your individual needs and those of all stakeholders.

An initial on-line consultation is free of charge.

Alexandra Groome, Giuseppe Tallarico testimonial

"Giuseppe is a dynamic project manager who brings together a unique set of skills that makes him a great regenerative systems designer and problem solver. I would definitely recommend Giuseppe as an asset to any organization."

Alexandra Groome, Operations Manager at nRhythm

My Services

How can I benefit you?

The FREE 30/45-minute on-line session is your first step towards creating the Regenerative Business you’ve always wanted!

During this session you and I will set specific goals and begin defining a vision for realizing the financial, environmental and social returns you deserve.

After your session, you can sign up for follow-up services.

I can meet with you one on one via Zoom or Skype to keep you accountable, help narrow your vision and prioritize your actions and, if you feel you would benefit from my support on the ground, we can plan a site visit.

What can you expect from me?

My passion is to help clients realize abundance and to share tools and inspiration in the art of ecological restoration.

I will design programs for you that exceed your goals in the right ways.

I want to ensure you’re prepared for every challenge you might face.

I am trained and equipped to get a sense of exactly where you are in your professional and personal journey.

I use those sensibilities to train you to be prepared emotionally, mentally, tactically and technically for each and every challenge on your list.

I will help you develop and learn faster than you think is possible!

I have devoted myself to approaches to Regenerative Business Learning and professional evaluation.

This is how I stay at the top of my game — and keep you at the top of yours.

I will support you in creating a culture of excellence and regeneration that will become the basis for every aspect of your Regenerative Business.

When this dedication to your personal best — which is not a set standard, but something you are consistently improving in small increments — is the basis for everything you do, you will find that you achieve more than you imagined possible.

I will help you optimize your Regenerative Business step by step.

This process will grow and develop, allowing you to gain and achieve more over time.

Judith D. Schwartz, Giuseppe Tallarico testimonial

"Giuseppe is tireless in his efforts to share the promise of regenerative agriculture to heal the world's degraded landscapes - and to take this hopeful message to those beyond the field. He brings great warmth to everything he does, and never forgets the human aspect: the importance of community and personal growth."

Judith D. Schwartz, Journalist and Author

What goals can I help with?

I will offer you sound, unbiased guidance as you face major decisions about land regeneration and life changes.

I can help you clarify your goals and vision, and chart a course toward a more proactive path.

I also help you assess risks and assert yourself intelligently as you let go of older, more limiting beliefs.

My services are also an excellent resource for people who have a clear vision and set of goals, but encounter obstacles in creating an actionable plan to make the vision a reality.

My services are about proven results and strategies for fulfillment, the things that help you regain lost momentum.

Finally, I can assist those who are ready to take a leap and tackle a new challenge, step out of their comfort zone or just want an edge as they push themselves to the next level.

What do my services offer that others don’t?

The focus of my services is the ability to empower clients with the accountability, insight and focus they need to achieve the high-level and consistent financial, environmental and social returns they rightly insist upon.

This is just the beginning, however, because I participate in more than 200 hours of ongoing training every year.

This way I keep up on skills and new ideas regarding methods, strategies and tools.

How can I support you to realize your project on the ground?

If you need my support in the field, I would anticipate that two, but preferably three, days on-site evaluation of the project(s) are necessary.

It is my experience that each project has to be lived.

I have to rise with the sun and follow it throughout the whole day, not only to take different measurements but to understand all the cycles and their implications on a property.

When one wants to understand nature, patience and observation are indispensable.

Furthermore, it is my experience that when embarking on this journey with a client, the client may start out with one set of goals but through the process gains an awareness that changes the vision.

Mario Rosario Rizzi, Giuseppe Tallarico testimonial

"Giuseppe Tallarico is a dear Friend, of whom I appreciate the special dynamism and mental presence. He does everything always in a very short time, with a rare efficiency. During the first Permaculture course organized in Pisa in May 2016, Giuseppe amazed me with his deep knowledge of the subject and I saw his strong passion with which he founded WPA and he works for its goals. Together we share the need to push strongly to the large diffusion of the urgent needs of mother Earth and farmers, which need to carry out the noble activity of providing the vital livelihood for all people and animals on this planet, for the many thousands of years to come. Thank you Giuseppe for being and working together. Big Love."

Mario Rosario Rizzi, Owner & General Manager of Flora srl & President of  STUPA Onlus

What can you expect from my first visit to your project?
  • Consultation and Site evaluation
  • Preliminary Design Services
  • Goals and Objective Development
  • Complete Site Assessment
  • Plant, Water and Soil Survey
  • Evaluation of necessary Ecological Functional Spaces
  • A full report of all findings, strengths, weaknesses and solutions is delivered
  • Other services and details are site-specific

During the visit, we will work to devise strategies that fit best the existing situation and create a more ecological and therefore sustainable, 100% regenerative and resilient system.

Not to mention the beauty and abundance you’ll enjoy when the systems are in place.

If only site assessment is required, two days usually suffice for a full report.

If you wish a full base map with integrated systems for future use, a third day (at the least) would likely be necessary, depending on the scale of the project.

It is often advisable to send samples of soil and water to be analysed by an accredited laboratory.

Usually I work with laboratories in the United States or in Italy and can arrange this for you.

However, if you can find an accredited laboratory in your area, the costs will likely be lower and the process more swift.

I would, however, want to evaluate the laboratory and decide with you.

What can you expect from the execution of an effective Implementation Plan?

Final Design Services:

  • A detailed design of the base map on scale
  • Materials suppliers research and negotiation
  • Materials calculation
  • Implementation Management
  • Project Management consultations
  • On-site assistance in all implementations and ongoing services
  • On-site training of the people managing the property
  • Consulting and on-call problem-solving with client and/or  property managers
  • Visits during the year to evaluate the progress, depending on the starting point and the client’s or property manager(‘s) availability
  • Availability on-line via Zoom or Skype or e-mail to assist as requested
  • Other services and details are site-specific
Daniel Halsey, Giuseppe Tallarico testimonial

"Giuseppe has been encouraging and supportive of my ecological restoration work across the globe. Through WPA Giuseppe has supplied needed resources, contacts, and consultation to develop viable solutions for restoring failing ecosystems. His generosity in spirit and discussion has been beneficial for all concerned."

Daniel Halsey, Southwoods & United Designers, Ecosystem Restoration Designer & Consultant

Some Collaborations

World Permaculture Association
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Giuseppe Tallarico partner
Giuseppe Tallarico partner permaculture Jordan
Giuseppe Tallarico partner permaculture Jordan
Giuseppe Tallarico partner permaculture Jordan
Giuseppe Tallarico partner permaculture Jordan
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Giuseppe Tallarico partner
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