Giuseppe Tallarico is praised by peers for his practical and realistic approach to ecological farm design and organizational structures, making him a valuable asset in both fields. His global impact is acknowledged by figures like John D. Liu, a filmmaker and ecologist, who has commended Tallarico's dedication to the global regenerative movement.

Premium Permaculture Consulting with Giuseppe Tallarico

Preliminary Advice

The Importance of Full Understanding

Before you dive in, it's critical to recognize the importance of thoroughly reading through this site.

If you're not ready to commit the necessary time for this exploration, perhaps it's not the right moment for a consultation with me.

Fully understanding my background, past experiences, and accomplished projects is crucial to appreciate how I can be of assistance to you.

Purpose of My Consulting Site: A Guide to Your Transformation

This site has been meticulously designed to offer you a detailed overview of the consulting services I provide.

It’s the ideal starting point for anyone looking to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth in the world of sustainability and regenerative design.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Services Details: You’ll find an in-depth description of the various consulting services I offer. Each is tailored to meet the specific needs of every client.
  • My Experience and Skills: Get detailed insights into my professional journey, the skills and experiences that form the cornerstone of my consultancy.
  • Projects and Case Studies: Dive into practical examples of past projects and case studies, showcasing how I’ve leveraged my experience and skills to drive meaningful and tangible results.

My Online Projects:

I’ve developed a range of online projects, reflecting my commitment to sustainability, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture.

These projects are designed to provide quality educational resources, easily accessible to anyone keen on these crucial topics.

Opportunities for Learning and Growth:

This site is more than just a showcase; it’s a platform for you to start exploring how I can support your personal and professional development even before we begin a direct consulting session.

Use This Site to Explore and Develop Your Path Consider this site a companion on your personal and professional journey.

It’s a space for you to reflect on what you truly want and to discover how I can assist you in achieving your goals.

My expertise and knowledge thread through every page, ensuring guidance and confidence.

By navigating through the site, you’ll uncover the various aspects of my services and projects.

This exploration will not only give you a deep understanding of what I offer but also help you clarify your goals and identify the best strategies to achieve them.

The decision to proceed with personalized consultancy should come from a complete understanding and the trust that I am the right person to guide you on this journey towards a more sustainable agricultural future.

Welcome to My World: Your Gateway to Permaculture and Sustainable Farming

Giuseppe Tallarico is a recognized permaculture expert and the founder and General Manager of the World Permaculture Association. He has a rich background in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, holding positions such as director of the agriculture training and consultancy Rigenera and founding partner of the Alleanza real estate company.

Hi there, I’m Giuseppe Tallarico, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you into my world, a place where the art of permaculture and the science of sustainable agriculture converge.

Imagine stepping into a realm where every action you take is a stride towards a greener, more harmonious future with nature.

My journey in this domain is shaped by years of unwavering commitment, in-depth study, and hands-on experience, all dedicated to advancing and refining sustainable agricultural practices.

My role?

To serve as your guide, an illuminator of knowledge and an innovator, empowering you to discover cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly agricultural solutions.

This site is your portal to understanding how I can support your transformation of agricultural practices into a paradigm of efficiency, productivity, and ecological responsibility.

Here, you’ll find comprehensive details about my consulting services, access to invaluable resources, and pathways to connect with me directly.

Whether you’re in search of tailored advice, deep learning opportunities, or simply seeking inspiration on your sustainable journey, you’ve arrived at the right destination.

Now is the time to embark on your journey toward a sustainable and thriving agricultural future, guided and supported by an internationally acclaimed expert.

Welcome to my world, a place where your vision for a greener tomorrow can flourish and grow.


My shift towards regenerative agriculture and permaculture marks a defining chapter in both my life and career. 

This transition wasn’t just a professional choice but a deeply inspired decision, fueled by my vision for a more sustainable and harmonious future for our planet.

The turning point came in 2008, when I attended a course on Biodynamic Agriculture.

That experience was an eye-opener, a key that unlocked new horizons in my professional journey.

For the first time, I witnessed an agricultural system that integrated every aspect of existence – not just the production cycle, but ecological balance, community fabric, and human well-being too.

During that course, I started to realize the significant gaps in traditional agriculture and the food industry.

I understood the transformative potential of permaculture and regenerative agriculture in promoting sustainability, biodiversity, and overall well-being.

With growing passion and conviction, I decided to leave my corporate career and return to my hometown.

Despite financial limitations, I boldly revived my grandfather’s urban farm, transforming it into the Urban Permaculture Laboratory.

This project became the heart of my commitment to permaculture, a place to practice and share my knowledge with the community.

Over time, the Urban Permaculture Laboratory has evolved into a center for inspiration and learning, as well as a community hub.

This remarkable transformation has led it to become a case study of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations for agroecology training through permaculture.

My journey exemplifies the power of sustainable practices and community involvement, gaining recognition by this leading global authority on food and agriculture.

Here, I share my experience, teaching others how to embrace permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

Together, we work to restore degraded landscapes and promote sustainable practices.

My determination is driven by the belief that we must adopt more holistic and sustainable approaches to solve the environmental and social challenges of our times.

I firmly believe that permaculture and regenerative agriculture are vital paths to a better future.

My commitment is to spread these practices, hoping to contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable world.

I will continue on this path with passion, determination, and the conviction that we can create a better future together.

Consulting Projects: My Key Ventures

My career has been marked by significant projects contributing to the global advancement of regenerative agriculture and permaculture.

Among these:

World Permaculture Association: As the founder and General Manager, I’ve led this global platform for the promotion and dissemination of permaculture, connecting experts and supporters worldwide. Through international conferences and educational resources, we’ve spread best practices in this field.

Collaboration with the Jordanian Government: This role, involving the design of two permacultural research sites in Jordan, played a significant part in bringing permaculture to the international stage. This collaboration proved that regenerative farming practices could be adopted at a governmental level.

Urban Permaculture Laboratory in Catanzaro (Italy): Essential in my transition to permaculture, this project transformed an urban farm into a hub of community engagement and inspiration, offering training and promoting sustainable practices in urban settings.

National Case Study at FAO: My participation as a case study emphasized the importance of self-sufficient agroecological systems, sharing best practices globally.

Collaboration with Demetra Agricultural Body in Bergamo (Italy): This partnership demonstrated the economic viability of organic and biodynamic farming, promoting regenerative agriculture as a sustainable model.

Integrated Supply Chain Project “Flora Aromatica Santa Luce and the Valley of Scents”: An initiative to create a sustainable production chain for medicinal herbs, promoting integrated local development.

Collaboration with Jordan’s National Agriculture Research Center: Establishing two research centers based on Permaculture design in Jordan was crucial in promoting regenerative agriculture practices.

Technical-agronomic consultancy for Asprol, an olive producer organization in Italy. This experience allows me to share knowledge and best practices in sustainable agriculture.

Technical Consultant at the Court of Catanzaro (Italy):  detailed real estate evaluation, document management, and compliance verification with building and environmental laws, providing essential information for relevant decisions and actions.

As an Effective Expert Member in the Agricultural Specialized Section at the Court of Appeal in Catanzaro, I resolve agricultural disputes, conduct technical surveys, interpret agricultural laws, provide technical consulting, testify in court, and maintain accurate documentation of activities. My role is crucial in ensuring effective legal management in the agricultural sector.

Through my professional technical study, I provide professional support to agricultural companies, helping to evaluate agricultural assets, plan production activities, and manage company accounting.

My professional experience includes collaborations with various organizations and entities at local, national, and international levels.

These collaborations include:

  • Schools and universities, where I participated in educational and research projects.
  • Associations and foundations, working to promote initiatives related to agriculture, environment, and sustainability.
  • Industries, contributing technical consultancy and support in food and agronomic matters.
  • Local and national entities, for managing projects and initiatives benefiting communities and the environment.
  • International organizations, collaborating on projects with a global impact.

Many of my current collaborations are ongoing and continue to evolve over time. 

This allows me to stay up-to-date on new challenges and opportunities that emerge in various sectors I operate in.

The ongoing nature of my collaborations enables me to remain flexible and adaptable to changing needs and increasing complexities of projects and initiatives I’m involved in.

These projects represent the core of my commitment to spreading regenerative agriculture and permaculture, demonstrating their effectiveness in various contexts and contributing to a more sustainable and harmonious future.

Through these initiatives, I’ve had the opportunity to lead change globally, advancing the vision of more conscious and sustainable farming.


Other Roles and Responsibilities in My Professional Journey

Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged to hold leadership roles across various domains, extending beyond the specific areas of permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

These positions have allowed me to integrate and apply sustainability principles in diverse contexts.

Consultant of Rigenera:

As the consultant of Rigenera, a training and consultancy center in agriculture, I had the opportunity to promote sustainable and regenerative agriculture on a larger scale.

I shared my knowledge and expertise with farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders.

Training programs, consultancy, and practical projects played a crucial role in promoting agricultural practices that enhance ecosystem resilience and reduce the environmental impact of agricultural activities.

Founding Partner of Alleanza:

As a founding partner of Alleanza, a real estate company, I had the opportunity to apply sustainability principles in the real estate sector.

We integrated sustainable design, efficient resource management, and responsible property development to create ecologically sustainable, energy-efficient urban spaces and buildings focused on community well-being.

Additional Projects and Initiatives:
I oversaw the Quality and Environment System for the Callipo Group in Vibo Valentia, Italy, ensuring high standards of quality and sustainability.

Managed the Quality, Environment, and Privacy System for Flora in Pisa, Italy, implementing effective and sustainable strategies.

Implemented the Quality System and GlobalGAP standard for Bioagricert, an Organic Certification Body in Bologna, Italy, contributing to raising organic quality standards.

Coordinated the “Flora Aromatica Santa Luce” project in Pisa, Italy, an initiative focused on creating a regenerative supply chain through biodynamic agriculture.

Involvement in Scientific Research:
I participated in scientific research projects, especially in the field of sustainable fertilization techniques, collaborating with prestigious institutions like the Plant Nutrition Institute of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, the Intesa Cooperative in Faenza, and the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bologna.

In these roles and projects, my goal has been to learn and promote a culture of regenerative agriculture and permaculture, applying these principles not only in agriculture but also in other sectors to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle and business approach.

My passion for sustainability drives me to continue seeking innovative ways to integrate these practices into various sectors and contexts.

From the Field to the Classroom:
In addition to the roles I’ve played in various fields of sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and permaculture, I’ve also had the honor of being involved in agronomic and economic education at the national level.

As a teacher of agronomic and economic subjects, I work with the Italian Ministry of Education.

This role allows me to contribute to the training of the next generation of agronomists, economists, and agricultural professionals.

My commitment to education is based on the belief that education is a key element in promoting sustainable and lasting change in society.

Through my lessons, I aim to instill in young students a passion for sustainable agriculture and regenerative practices, encouraging them to consider innovative and ecologically responsible approaches in their future professional lives.

My work in the educational sector includes not only imparting theoretical knowledge but also sharing my extensive practical experience in the field.

This integrated approach ensures that students receive a comprehensive education, encompassing both the theory and practice of regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and related economic issues.

I teach with the goal of inspiring, informing, and equipping young people with tools and knowledge that can help them shape a more sustainable and productive agricultural future.

My role as an educator in the Italian school system is one of my greatest professional satisfactions, as it allows me to have a direct impact on the growth and development of future leaders in the agriculture and sustainability sector.

I have studied at prestigious universities, including the oldest in the world, the University of Bologna, the Fibl in Switzerland, the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, and the Institute of Plant Nutrition in Hohenheim, Germany.

Additionally, I have gained knowledge from organizations such as GlobalGAP in Germany, the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) in Milan, UNI (the Italian Organization for Standardization), the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) and the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS).

I have also participated as logistical and organizational support and Rapporteur at the session “Designing Culture and Social Responsibility” held at the Vatican City pavilion for the World Association of Agronomists.

In conclusion, my involvement in the educational sector, along with my various projects and roles in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and sustainability, reflects my overall commitment to a greener and more sustainable future, both through direct practice and through the training of new generations of professionals.

My professional and personal vision aligns deeply with the principles articulated in Pope Francis’ encyclical ‘Laudato si’’, which resonate harmoniously with my approach to permaculture and business excellence, particularly through the application of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model.

This model, recognized across Europe, aids organizations in continuously improving their performance by emphasizing quality, innovation, and sustainability as key drivers of business success.

Interconnected Vision: Like in permaculture, both the EFQM model and ‘Laudato si” acknowledge the significance of interconnection among different systems. The encyclical highlights the interdependence of the natural environment, human society, and culture. In my practice, this translates to adopting a holistic approach in developing sustainable solutions, consistent with the EFQM model which promotes a systemic view of an organization.

Social Responsibility: The care for the less fortunate, a core principle of the encyclical, is also reflected in the EFQM model, which values corporate social responsibility. In my work, I integrate social and ethical considerations into designing sustainable systems, marrying the principles of permaculture with those of the EFQM model.

Regeneration: The encyclical calls for an ‘ecological conversion’, aligning with the principle of regeneration at the heart of permaculture. This principle of regeneration is also a key element in the EFQM model, encouraging organizations to positively contribute to their environment and community.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation: The encyclical’s call for greater cultural and ethical flexibility finds a parallel in the EFQM model, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to emerging challenges. This is reflected in my ongoing commitment to developing new sustainable solutions in line with permaculture principles.

Balance Between Humanity and Environment: Both the encyclical and the EFQM model emphasize the need for a balance between human needs and the health of the ecosystem. In my practice, I strive to find solutions that are beneficial for both the environment and people, combining the vision of the encyclical with the principles of permaculture and practices of the EFQM model.

In conclusion, these synergistic principles guide my commitment to promoting a fairer, more sustainable world in harmony with nature.

Through the application of the EFQM model and permaculture, I endeavor to embody these values in designing sustainable systems, both in individual and corporate contexts.




I'm thrilled to share some feedback from my valued high-profile partners. Their experiences reflect the impact and effectiveness of our collaborations in sustainability and permaculture.
Portrait of John Button, a seasoned permaculture expert with over forty years of experience. He appears as a mature, professional man with a thoughtful expression reflecting his extensive work in diverse climatic zones and cultural contexts.

Giuseppe Tallarico: my colleague and friend.

It’s not so often that we ‘just click’ with a working colleague, and when it does, it’s pure gold.

That’s been the case with my association with Giuseppe, who invited me to collaborate with him (and several others) on a challenging project which he had created in response to a proposal from the Jordanian government, to design two Permaculture demonstration projects in the harsh conditions of the Dead Sea Valley, some 400 metres below sea level.

Specifically, the sites were to be focused on providing shining examples for marginal farmers to increase their productivity while nurturing the land into sustainable polycultures able to meet the likelihood of increasing negative impacts of climate change.

Such a project represented not only the necessity of facing some of the hardest environmental conditions (minimal rainfall, extremely high temperatures, soil poverty resulting from those factors), but also of negotiating with very refined diplomatic sensitivity the complexity of cultural and bureaucratic differences of an unfamiliar context.

Only a person with a highly developed character and genial personality could hope to succeed.

All this in addition to the need to knit together a new team of personnel, each skilled from their own extensive experience, but also very individual in that experience and personal development.

In spite of such circumstances, Giuseppe not only succeeded heroically, but in the process nurtured such intimacy between all the parties that friendships developed to ensure professional success, but happily to guarantee ongoing relationships and no doubt growing capacity to implement many fresh projects into the future.

I feel gratefully honored to be part of that team, and to know that I have such a friend with whom I can always depend to be able to express myself in whatever circumstances (personally and vocationally), to share in his extensive professional experience and knowledge, to absolutely trust in the integrity of his word and ability.

That is a treasure!

John Button, Permaculture Pioneer

John D. Liu is an ecologist and filmmaker who has been active in promoting ecosystem restoration. His work spans several continents where he's documented and participated in large-scale restoration projects, showcasing the positive impacts of ecological rehabilitation on both the environment and local communities. Liu's work has been pivotal in raising awareness about the importance of restoring degraded landscapes for the health of the planet and the well-being of people.

Human civilization faces biodiversity loss, artificially elevated climate changes, population pressures, migration and the threat of war.

We are required to take effective and immediate action. To lead at a time of great need is a duty that requires foresight, knowledge, dedication, courage, compassion and good humor.

Giuseppe Tallarico has understood and answered the call to serve.

Giuseppe brings a love of home and family, together with an understanding of global responsibility, to the task of facilitating a global regenerative movement.

John D. Liu, film-maker and ecologist, founder of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Movement

Judith D. Schwartz is an author and journalist who focuses on environmental, economic, and social challenges through the lens of natural systems. She has a history of exploring these topics in her writing, which includes books such as "Cows Save the Planet," and "Water In Plain Sight," offering insights into soil's critical role in our ecology and the interconnectedness of water with various global challenges. Judith's work emphasizes the importance of understanding and working with natural systems to address our many environmental issues, such as land degradation and the global water crisis.

Giuseppe is tireless in his efforts to share the promise of regenerative agriculture to heal the world's degraded landscapes - and to take this hopeful message to those beyond the field.

He brings great warmth to everything he does, and never forgets the human aspect: the importance of community and personal growth.

Judith D. Schwartz, Journalist and Author

hamis Kent is a globally recognized permaculture expert, former co-director of the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia and the USA. T

I first met Giuseppe when he enrolled in a Permaculture Design Course I taught in Altamura (Puglia, Italy) during 2015.

He immediately made an impression and his enthusiasm for the topics covered was unmistakable. 

I was pretty confident that he would do something to make an impact - and he hasn't disappointed in that regard.

Rhamis Kent, Former Co-Director of The Permaculture Research Institute (Australia & USA), Consultant

Daniel Halsey is a renowned permaculture designer and teacher. He's known for his work in Southwoods Permaculture, a design firm specializing in ecological design for farms, homes, and businesses. Halsey is also the author of several books on permaculture design and has been instrumental in educating people on creating sustainable landscapes that work with nature's patterns.

Giuseppe has been encouraging and supportive of my ecological restoration work across the globe. Through WPA Giuseppe has supplied needed resources, contacts, and consultation to develop viable solutions for restoring failing ecosystems.

His generosity in spirit and discussion has been beneficial for all concerned.

Daniel Halsey, Southwoods & United Designers, Ecosystem Restoration Designer & Consultant

Mario Rosario Rizzi is an entrepreneur in the field of aromatherapy and a proponent of sustainable agriculture. He co-founded FLORA in Pisa, Italy, which became a pioneer in the organic market, especially in the domain of 100% pure essential oils. The company, under his leadership, has embraced an approach that puts human well-being and nature at the forefront, integrating these values into their products and services. This commitment to quality and sustainability reflects Rizzi's broader interests in environmental health and the potential of aromatic plants like lavender for ecological and economic revitalization.

Giuseppe Tallarico is not just a cherished friend but also an embodiment of dynamism and intellectual engagement.

His remarkable efficiency is evident in his swift and effective actions.

I was first struck by his profound understanding of permaculture during the initial course we conducted in Pisa, May 2016.

His fervent dedication to the World Permaculture Association and its mission left a lasting impression.

Our shared commitment to advocating for the well-being of Mother Earth and the agricultural community is a bond that unites us.

We stand together in the urgent task of nurturing the land that sustains all life, ensuring its bounty for countless generations to come.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Giuseppe for his companionship and collaborative spirit.

With deepest affection, I acknowledge our journey together.

Mario Rosario Rizzi, Owner of Flora srl

Alfonso Chico de Guzmán is an innovative regenerative farmer managing the La Junquera farm in Murcia, Spain. His focus on transforming conventional agricultural practices to regenerative ones marks a significant shift towards sustainability. Under his management since 2012, the farm implements permaculture and reforestation to combat desertification and improve the land's fertility.

Giuseppe is a very practical and realistic professional that has solutions not only for ecological farm design but also for organisational structures.

With solutions that are cost effective and his feet are always down to earth, something that is not easy to find in "experts" on permaculture, or regenerative and organic farming that tend to advise on too idealistic approaches almost impossible to implement in a professional world.

Alfonso Chico de Guzman, Large-scale Farmer, Vice President of Asociación Alvelal

Alexandra Groome is recognized for her role in operational management at nRhythm, an organization that specializes in regenerative design. Her expertise lies in project management and system design, contributing significantly to advancing regenerative practices in organizations.

Giuseppe is a dynamic project manager who brings together a unique set of skills that makes him a great regenerative systems designer and problem solver.

I would definitely recommend Giuseppe as an asset to any organization.

Alexandra Groome, Operations Manager at nRhythm

These testimonials serve as a tangible tribute to the effectiveness and uniqueness of my consulting services. They stand as living proof of my positive impact on a wide array of partners and projects related to agroecology, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture.

Feeling hindered by a lack of experience in sustainability?

I understand that venturing into new areas, especially complex ones like sustainability and regenerative design, can seem daunting.

That’s why my consulting sessions go beyond mere information sharing; they are a journey towards your personal and professional development.

Committed to providing sustainable solutions, I also focus on enhancing your skills.

My aim is to boost your confidence and decision-making abilities, transforming you from an executor to an innovative leader in your field.

Creating a Supportive and Encouraging Environment:

In my consulting environment, I greatly value support and encouragement.

Each client is unique, with their own needs, doubts, and aspirations.

I dedicate myself to creating a space where you feel free to explore ideas, voice concerns, and overcome uncertainties.

I believe that open dialogue and honest communication are vital to your success.

My sessions are structured to be content-rich and empowering, offering you the resources and support necessary for personal and professional growth.

Focusing on Personal Empowerment:

At the heart of my consulting philosophy is personal empowerment.

I strongly believe that true sustainable success involves not only achieving external goals but also developing solid confidence in one’s abilities.

My sessions are designed to enrich you not only with the knowledge and strategies essential for implementing sustainable projects but also to strengthen your self-esteem and competence.

In this process, I guide you towards becoming a charismatic and influential leader, ready to make a difference in your field and beyond.

Explore the Path to Growth: Discover My Online Projects Before Your Personalized Consultation:

Before starting your consulting journey with me, I warmly invite you to explore my various online projects.

These can provide you with a broad overview of my approach and skills, giving you a taste of what we can achieve together.

Whether they are in-depth articles, case studies, webinars, or video series, these resources are designed to enrich you with knowledge and inspiration.

It’s important to note that many of these resources are available in English, while some are exclusively in Italian, catering to a diverse range of learners and enthusiasts in the field of permaculture and agroecology.

They will help you better understand how I can support you in achieving your goals and growing both professionally and personally.

This initial exploration will be crucial in determining if my consultancy aligns with your needs and expectations.

Once you have explored these resources, if you feel that I am the right person to guide you on your path towards sustainability and success, I will be here waiting to start this exciting adventure together.


I’m excited to share several online projects I’m involved in, all aimed at promoting permaculture, sustainability, and regenerative agriculture.

World Permaculture Association: As the founder, this international organization is my commitment to promoting permaculture and sustainability globally. We offer a range of online content and consulting services, a global network for sharing knowledge and resources, support sustainable development projects, and actively engage in environmental impact activities and international collaborations.

Professional Permaculture: This project specializes in Agro-Ecology, Permaculture, and Regenerative Agriculture consulting, specifically aimed at an Italian audience. It offers resources and expertise in the design and implementation of ecological and sustainable agricultural systems. This initiative is dedicated to guiding and inspiring Italians towards environmentally respectful agricultural practices.

Rigenera Formazione: An online specialized training platform in Agroecology, accredited by the Italian National Council of Agronomists and Foresters (CONAF), specifically designed for Italian agronomists who need to comply with the continuing education credits as mandated by Italian law. These courses are tailored to develop specialized skills in sustainable and ecological agriculture, aligning with the professional development requirements of Italian agronomists.

Rigenera Certifica: Offers corporate and supply chain certification services, along with technical and regulatory assistance, specifically tailored for professionals in the Italian agri-food sector. This service is particularly beneficial for agricultural companies and food industries in Italy seeking sustainable agri-food supply chain certifications and consultancy.

Before requesting an exclusive personalized consultation, I highly recommend exploring these websites.

They might already have answers to your current challenges and offer a wealth of resources, training, and services in agroecology, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture, valuable for anyone looking to learn more and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.



As an expert professional, I understand that your pursuit of excellence and tangible results drives your need for consulting services that are not just effective, but perfectly aligned with your high expectations.

My 45-minute personalized consulting sessions are crafted to meet this demand, offering you an exclusive, tailor-made service.

Exclusivity and Customization: Each session is carefully shaped to meet your specific needs, ensuring that every aspect of the consultation aligns with your unique ambitions and the high standards you set for yourself. This personalized approach is designed to reinforce your confidence in your abilities and vision.

Direct Access to Top-Level Expertise: During the sessions, you’ll have the unique opportunity to tap directly into my internationally recognized expertise. This means that the advice and strategies you receive will be based on deep industry knowledge, enriching your toolkit for sustainability and territorial regeneration.

Exclusive Interactivity and Immediate Responses: The sessions are designed to be highly interactive, providing you with immediate answers and customized strategies. This level of interaction is crucial to ensure that the proposed solutions are rapid, efficient, and perfectly aligned with your expectations.

High-Level Services for a Select Audience: I cater to clients like you, who have significant impact in their fields. Whether you’re leading a large-scale agricultural business, a landowner, or a leader in an organization, my consultation is tailored to meet the needs of those who expect nothing but the best.

Results Oriented Towards Success and Excellence: My primary goal is to deliver results that not only reflect your investment but surpass it, creating added value in terms of both environmental sustainability and economic return.

In conclusion, these online consulting sessions are ideal for you if you’re seeking a high-level service with a holistic and regenerative approach.

They are designed with you in mind, to help you tackle your specific challenges, developing effective strategies, and ensuring constant monitoring to achieve your desired goals.


As an expert in territorial regeneration and sustainable design, I am committed to providing highly specialized and personalized consulting services for a broad range of clients, including agricultural businesses, landowners, families, and organizations.

My consultancy focuses on creating productive and regenerative landscapes that align perfectly with your ecological and business aspirations, offering direct and tailored support to each client.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me:

Strategic Design for Territorial Regeneration: In our sessions, I’ll share a wide range of tools for territorial regeneration, from permaculture to biodynamic, organic agriculture, agroforestry, and keyline design. This sustainable approach is crucial for achieving your sustainability goals.

Development of Customized Plans: We will work closely to develop tailored plans, assessing the specifics of each property and formulating strategies that enhance not only the beauty and productivity of your landscapes but also align with your unique objectives.

Training and Development: During our sessions, I’ll provide training and advice to help you develop the skills necessary to implement sustainable practices, such as restoring water cycles, increasing soil organic matter, and promoting biodiversity.

Assessment and Optimization: I will assist you in analyzing and refining your strategies, integrating personal development and well-being with proven methods of regenerative land management.

Targeted Consultation: My sessions aim to establish specific goals and define a clear vision to realize inspirational, social, environmental and financial returns.

My ultimate goal is to provide support that enables you to achieve abundance, sharing tools and inspiration in the art of ecological restoration.

Through this process, you can grow and achieve significant results over time, progressively optimizing your regenerative business.

We’re ready to start your journey towards a sustainable and regenerative future.


  1. Expectations from a Customized Consulting Session: Each session is tailored to address your specific needs and goals. We will develop a plan to overcome your challenges and achieve your objectives. Expect immediate responses and effective strategies during the session.

  2. Cost of the First Exclusive Consulting Meeting: The cost of the first 45 min exclusive consulting session will be agreed upon via email. The fee typically reflects the value and personalized attention you will receive.

  3. Use of Zoom for Sessions: Sessions are conducted on Zoom. Ensure you have the application downloaded and functioning properly to maximize our time.

  4. Booking the First Exclusive Consulting Session: To book your exclusive session, kindly select a date and time that suits you through my Calendly link. You’ll have the option to register via Calendly using a link in their confirmation email, although this step is entirely optional. Following your booking, you will receive a series of important emails: an immediate confirmation from Calendly, a Zoom email with the direct session link, and within 48 hours, an email from me containing all the details for our 45-minute consultation. It will be an opportunity to discuss your considerations and find the best strategies to achieve your goals. In addition to these emails, I’ll be sending you personal reminders to ensure you’re well-prepared for our session. These reminders serve to provide you with all necessary details and contribute to a smooth and effective consulting experience. I encourage you to check both your inbox and spam folders to ensure you receive all communications. Should you have any questions or require additional assistance, please feel free to contact me. I am eagerly anticipating our session and am committed to providing you with insightful and valuable guidance.

  5. Cancellations or Changes to Booking: Contact me via email at least 48 hours before the appointment to cancel or reschedule.

  6. Privacy, Confidentiality, and Professional Secrecy: As a member of the Order of Agronomists and Foresters of the Province of Catanzaro, I adhere strictly to professional secrecy and securely store information shared during sessions.

  7. In Case of Project Success: If your project succeeds before the planned sessions end, I reserve the right to discontinue the consultancy. We will discuss the details for any remaining sessions or further assistance.

  8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: In case of disputes, Italian law applies, and the competent court is that of Catanzaro (Italy). Disputes will be attempted to be resolved through the Council of the Order of Agronomists and Foresters of the Province of Catanzaro.

  9. Confirmation of Terms and Conditions: By booking an exclusive consulting session, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

These terms are designed to establish a clear, professional, and confidential service, supporting your growth and development journey.